Business Relocation Checklist

A list of important steps to follow when relocating a business.

  • One of the first things to do is to complete the negotiations with the future landlord, making certain that all remodeling needs have been met, that all electrical and telephone needs are met and that space needs are addressed.
  • Make sure the price of the new place has been negotiated to the point where the first months rent (at least) has been paid and arrangements for further lease payments are solidified.
  • If necessary, make sure you negotiate the release from the current lease so that there is minimal overlap between the lease paid to both places.
  • Contact the phone company to transfer existing phone numbers if possible or to reserve new phone numbers for your business.
  • Make sure you sign up for the right number of phone numbers and that arrangements have been made for a designated fax number.
  • Prepare artwork for an announcement letter, change in business cards, changes in stationery and envelopes for the new business site.
  • An advertisement may need to be taken out in a local newspaper to announce the business relocation.
  • Get change of address cards from the post office or create your own change of address cards so that mail can get from your old location to the new location.
  • Make appointments with the utility companies to cut off your old service and restart new service at your new location. This includes scheduling a new phone installation. Again, don’t forget to have the fax machine installed.

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