Relocation from Third to First World countries

The reasons why people from third world countries emigrate to first world countries.

In the third world no less than tens of thousands of people leave every single day to work in another country. Oftentimes you will see a couple of individuals of a family normally working and staying abroad. The same is true with other places in Asia and other emergent regions in the world. What are the reasons this exodus of people from one place to the other? The first is for economic reasons. People desire to obtain a better life. Alluring chances like lucrative jobs, better working conditions and better standards of life. All of these tempt a lot of people to go abroad.

The airport lounge was crowded with people that day. There was a throng of acquaintances and loved ones who wished adieus to their leaving family members. There was a group of travelers concerned about getting to their destinations; some were going to Europe, the U.S., some to the Middle East and yet others to Australia and New Zealand.

After years of difficult immigrant visa applications along with many visa denials, at last they were prepared to depart. With their bags carefully packed and her passport with them, they were prepared to begin a new life in a new country they would soon know as home. Everyone in their family got their chance in kissing them farewell. With eyes full of tears, they fade from view amidst the crowd of people. When will they see their family again, now that they had decided to live a continent far away?

When migrating to a money-wise better stable country, an immigrant commonly enjoys a large financial difference compared to what is generally earned from their country of origin. A Filipino nurse for instance, usually earns between 6,000 to 7000 pesos every month, approximately $150USD when working in the Philippines as compared to earning £1,700 / $ 3,400 monthly when employed in the United Kingdom. The bigger salary does not only prove advantageous to the migrant but also the family, the migrant leaves behind.

Furthermore, various individuals move to countries with better weather conditions than their own. This is particularly true of persons who are retiring and retirees who want to live their residual years in a retreat kind of surrounding. Commonly individuals coming from countries with harsh climatic conditions and having borne enough of the cold winter season decide to migrate to a warm tropical countries where each day is sunny.

The third factor is mixed race marriage. With the rising recognition of Internet dating and made to order brides, men and women are migrating to stay with their newfound love.

In conclusion, as interracial marriages increase and waves of immigrant workers rise, family reuniting becomes imperative. This leads to a new set of travelers. To reunite with the loved ones they departed from; migrant workers will commonly file for applications so that family members who still live in their native place will at last reunite with them in their new assumed country.

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